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TH106 Honeywell Aube Line Voltage Programmable Thermostat - Rating: 120 / 240 VAC, 16.7 amps
Honeywell Aube Programmable Thermostat

TH106 Honeywell Aube Line Voltage Programmable Thermostat - Rating: 120 / 240 VAC, 16.7 amps

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Honeywell Aube TH106 Line Voltage

 Programmable Thermostat


This programmable thermostat can be used to control an electric heating system such as electric baseboard heaters, electric radiant ceiling heaters, electric radiant floor heat and electric convectors, as well as fan-forced electric wall heaters.

Save up to 20% on heating costs by programming this thermostat to lower your temperature overnight and while you are away. 

This is a 7 day programmable thermostat that features an LCD screen to display temperature, time, day, mode, heating command. The unit operates on 120 / 240 volts AC and is a 2 wire, single pole device. Triac switching means 15 second cycle times will provide the most precise temperature control for electric resistance heaters. This accuracy is ± 0.27°F. You can modify the thermostat to 15 minute cycles for use with fan-forced electric heaters, such as wall heaters.

  • 2 Wire, Single Pole - 16.7 Amps
  • 4000 Watts @ 240 Volts, 2000 Watts @ 120 Volts
  • 2.0 amp minimum resistive load required
  • 7 Day Programming, 4 Settings / Day
  • Size: 4.9 x 5.0 x 1.5 inches (125 x 127 x 38 mm)
  • Surface mount
  • Range: 40° F to 86° F (5° C to 30° C)
  • 15 second time proportioned cycle time for non-fan-forced electric heating loads
  • 15 minute conventional cycle time for fan-forced electric heating loads
  • Note: Not to be used on central heating systems or systems that have an inductive load, such as boilers or forced air furnaces.