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CT240-01 Honeywell Aube Telephone Controller -  Single Output
Honeywell Aube Programmable Thermostat

CT240-01 Honeywell Aube Telephone Controller - Single Output

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CT24001 Telephone Controller

Telephone controllers provides remote control of heating, lighting or watering systems, water heater or any other device. It is now possible, through the telephone line, to set the temperature of a thermostat to an energy saving level during a long absence and to reset it to a comfortable temperature level before returning. The user takes advantage of greater operating flexibility and maximum energy savings. Ideal for home or secondary residence.

For use with Honeywell/Aube thermostats only
  • One (1) universal output that works with thermostats and household devices operating with dry contacts
  • One (1) low voltage output (12 VDC) for thermostats that require a an analog input
  • Connects directly to existing phone line
  • Activated by home or cell phones and is compatible with answering machines
  • One touch buttons enable manual override of controller output status - LEDs show output status
  • Programming ring setting enable user to select number of rings (1 to 9) before controller answers
  • Battery free backup saves user settings and output status after a power outage
  • Password protected for secure access
  • POWER SUPPLY - 9 VAC / 60 Hz (adapter and phone cable included) 
  • OUTPUTS - Low voltage output (12 VDC), Universal relay output, 5 A @ 30 VAC inductive, P.F. 0.4 10 A @ 30 VAC resistive, 10 A @ 120 / 240 VAC resistive (electrical box required) 
  • DIMENSIONS (H•W•D)  - 69 x 137 x 31 mm / 2.7 x 5.4 x 1.2 in. 
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: TH115-A-120S, TH115-A-240S, TH115-A-240D, TH140-28-01B, TH141-HC-28-B, TH135-01B, TH144 Series, TH115-AF-GA, TH115-AF-GB