About Honeywell and Aube

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) is a Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies to address tough challenges linked to global megatrends such as safety, security, and energy. With approximately 122,000 employees worldwide, including 19,000 engineers and scientists, they have an unrelenting focus on quality, delivery, value, and technology in everything they make and do. Honeywell is always looking for ways to make life easier for their customers so they can focus on what they do best. 

Homebuilders, heating and cooling contractors, building automation specialists and heating equipment manufacturers rely on the sensing and control expertise and innovation that drives Honeywell's Environmental and Combustion Control (ECC) business.
In more than 100 million homes and 5 million buildings worldwide, Honeywell products, components and systems deliver temperature control, comfort, energy conservation and safety.  The Honeywell brand is known, trusted and preferred by millions of professional contractors and the customers they serve. Honeywell is the #1 choice of homeowners, and has strong brand recognition. 
Their goal is to do a great job for their customers every day in quality, delivery, value and technology.  It's good for our customers and it's good for us.

Honeywell’s unwavering commitment to it's customers includes an intense focus on the measurement of product quality to deliver products with the newest available features at the right price. Honeywell products feature exclusives you won’t find with other brands as well as the industry’s best warranties - up to 5 years.

Since 1991, the Aube brand has been a symbol of quality, precision and trust. In September 2004, it became part of an impressive product family from a leader in energy-saving products – Honeywell.

The Aube line includes thermostats, programmable switches, relays, electronic timers, digital thermometers and hygrometers. No matter what your energy management needs, chances are there is an Aube product that is right for you.

Designed in Canada, Aube products – thanks to their exceptional precision – consistently provide unsurpassed comfort and energy savings. Whether you want to cut heating costs or turn on the lights only when needed, choosing Aube is a smart way to help the environment.

If product design and aesthetics matter to you, you'll love Aube products. With their timeless design and clean lines, they are sure to complement any home.

Why choose Aube? Comfort. Quality. Precision. Savings. A unique look. The environment.

We look forward to you joining the thousands of satisfied Aube customers.

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